I was just a casual passerby and almost missed them. Their delicious fragrance, wafted over and pulled me in search of the source. I was lead to a neat little Japanese tea shop called, Kissako. 

There they were, velvety white spheres dripping with amber syrup, skewered over thin wooden spikes. The cheerful, round faced waitress told me they were Mitarashi dango. Rice flour dumplings, covered with syrup made from soy, sugar and starch.

I purchased two skewers for a couple of bucks and took a tentative first bite. There was an eruption of flavor, as the delectable dumpling melted in my mouth. Its sweetness wasn’t cloyingly saccharine, but wholesome in a way that made me crave more. I ate slowly, savoring each morsel.

After licking the syrup off my fingers, I went online to learn more about these goodies on a stick. Apparently, there is a different variety of dango for each season. That just means, Kissako’s chairs are going to see my ass quite often. The Japanese have a saying ‘ Hana yori dango‘ meaning, ‘Dumplings over flowers’. A proverb that declares a preference for practical things over aesthetics. I intend to try every single variety of dango out there, while concurring wholeheartedly.


50 thoughts on “Hana Yori Dango

    1. I don’t think so…but I’m sure India has a few Japanese restaurants…they should have is actually a great business idea…a small cafe selling dango in any mall would catch on fast over there 🙂


      1. Yeah.. these look like paneer with caramel sauce. More like rosogulla than just paneer ..
        I love japanese chocolates. The ones with wine filling, my all time favorite😀

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          1. You are an Indian living in Japan?
            A couple of years ago, I learnt few words in Japanese. All I remember now is arigato gozaimasu, konnichiwa and ohayo 😀

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                    1. Thank you 😀 I am actually surprised because many do not know Mary Poppins. They think it’s just some crazy name. Well it is kinda crazy, but it’s not mine 😀

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                    1. Yes. Even I think the same. But there are few who think otherwise. If a guy, he prefers to talk to girl and vice versa 😛 I think with names like mine and yours, nobody gets to know so we are pretty much safe from all those cheesy talks 😂😂

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                    2. Hmmm. Never thought about it. I just comment or reply to comments, girl or guy doesn’t matter as long as there is some nice conversation 😀

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