20 thoughts on “Bridge To Japan

  1. Your greatest fear is real. It is a coincidence (yet not) that I wrote a poem about that yesterday as I was thinking about my story and the fact that every character (names changed and all…) would likely write of the same events differently and describe my actions during those Bonsai days as perhaps even worse than I framed them…all of which made me think how important it is for every single person to be able to understand their story from beginning to end and fit all the pieces of their life together for examination of purpose. It seems hard to know your purpose much before 40 or so– unless you are highly attuned and actively putting the pieces of your life as they are discovered into some semblance of order. In keeping this blog I believe you are working toward an understanding of it all. There’s a lot to like about you.

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I hope to find something that motivates me to be better soon.
      I have always been fascinated by Japan and the culture there. I was however uncomfortable about acknowledging the darker side of things. Your blog put things into perspective and I loved reading it🙂


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