15 thoughts on “Go Vote Today

    1. Hmmm…we have to chose the best candidate available…that’s how democracy works…so no choice but to vote…after this election we should think about how to produce good politicians…I’m convinced that it can only be accomplished through ethics based education.

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      1. Surely your right to abstain is party to the democratic ideology. Having said that, I do believe there were other choices as this link http://www.politics1.com/p2016.htm shows. Can they all be as corrupt as the top two? I am of the opinion that the whole world will rue the day if ether Clinton or Trump get in, let alone the country its self. I fear for their lives, especially Trumps!

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        1. I have always supported Hillary because of her experience and what she has managed to accomplish…as for the allegations against her, she has been cleared by multiple probes…so I believe FBI’s decision. I don’t think Trump’s life is in danger if Hillary wins. We don’t bump off our political opponents here in the US! Atleast not anymore 😀

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          1. Your right in all you say, however I must point out that if the press is correct there has already been an attempt on Trumps life. As is I have not been following the results, so have not a clue as to how things are going. going have a look see as soon as I post this.

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