12 thoughts on “Golden Gate

  1. Listen to America singing – Your bridges, your railroads, your space rockets, your universities and science, your immigrants, your Native American communities, your democracy, your motorways, your farmland, your cities and suburbs – listen to America singing.

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      1. Yes! I agree! And then you know how complex the world is. Without denying any of the glory or any of the joy in listening to the leaves of grass singing America, I also hear the notes of its military bases all over the world, its deafness to the cries of the poor, the disrepair of much of its infrastructure, its criminal records, the difficulties of its African American citizens. To me this is an equation that always puts my calculating capacity to the test – its glorious ingenuity and resourcefulness on the one hand and its blatant ignorance and arrogance on the other. Can’t say I love it the less, but can I love it and examine it thoroughly at the same time? Somehow I do.
        Can you accept this way of loving America? It’s my way.

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