It was hard. Where I’m from, America is the shining city on the hill. The land of the free. The frontier of liberalism and innovation. When my parents asked me to take American citizenship, I remember mulling over it for a long time. I love India. Is it not a betrayal to choose another nation? Then, I read the declaration of independence. I had never read a piece of writing that better reconciled itself to my own dream. Would it not be wonderful to live in a world where all men are created equal? I fell deeply in love with the great American story and wanted to be a part of it. Whatever guilt and doubt I felt, perished in the wake of these words from a wise man ‘Vasudhaika Kutumbam – The whole world is one family’. Whether I’m part of the Indian story or the American one, they are inseparable pieces of the same great narrative.

As I started living here, the diversity of my people, their devotion to civic duty, their tolerance and their compassion as a society for the plight of fellow human beings, were a source of joy and pride.

Alas, pride comes before a fall. As the 2016 election cycle progressed,  I became aware of another, uglier side to the story. A side that refuses to believe in the best of people. A side that cannot abide dissent. A side that has forsaken its faith and forgotten its courage. A dialogue that was disillusioning in its vulgarity was brought to light and it made my heart ache.

I tried blocking out the political commentary,  I tried to find solace in the charming streets of San Francisco, I read manga, I heard my favorite Eminem songs on a loop, I binge watched Gilmore Girls with my best friend, I had endless nonsensical conversations with my sister and yet, I could not block out a creeping sense of unease.

Last week I read about the shooting of two Indian men in Kansas. The shooter was a white man, a despicable fellow filled with hate. He has been arrested. The Indian community is shocked and afraid. However, I have spent the last few days telling people that they are missing a crucial part of the story. That of Ian Grillot, a white man who went after the shooter and got injured in the process. That is the part I would like to focus on. Heroes come in all colors.

No matter how much hate there is in the world, as long as there are people willing to stand up to it, we will be just fine. I choose to believe in the best of people. I choose to be tolerant. I choose to have faith. I live in the home of the brave and I am proud of it.

Speak Out

Mystery Blogger Award


Thank you, Okoto Enigma, Betcha didn’t know!Ken and Caboosemama, for being my readers, for nominating me for this wonderful new award and for giving me the opportunity to spread some appreciation.


  1. I love animation, both Japanese and western. Most Animes have great plot and most cartoons have great art.
  2. One day I would like to visit Kyoto and take in the setting of one of the greatest manga ever, Rurouni Kenshin.
  3. I love food. I’m a fat bottomed girl and I don’t struggle with my weight, but may be I should start 😛 By the way I love that song by Queen!

Of all the things I’ve written on this blog, this one is the best Pedestrian Regret.


1. What is your biggest fear about blogging?
I blog to escape my fears, so it would be counterproductive to fear anything about it.

2. What are your aspirations in life?
I would like to come to completely like myself.

3. Do you have any secret talent? If yes, what is it?
None that I know of. Believe me, if I had any talent, I would not keep it a secret.

4. Who is/was your idol? And why?
I just mentioned Rurouni Kenshin. It’s protagonist is an assassin who gives up killing and instead starts using his sword to protect people. He is a complete pushover when he is not fighting. However, there is something unbelievably cool about him and he is my hero.

5. Just curious; do you like chicken wing or chicken breast? (Weird question)
Definitely wings, preferably at Hooters.


1. Do you have a role model?
Yes. Unfortunately, all my role models are two dimensional. In this age of social media, we are hell bent upon tearing down our heroes and I learned the hard way that, no one can be heroic all the time. However, people perform heroic feats every day and no one can deny that.

2. What is your phobia?
My greatest fear is, never figuring out my purpose in life.

3. What dish do you cook the best?
My culinary skills only extend as far as coffee.

3. What is your favorite song?
Stand by me, by Lennon.

4. Do you believe in ghost? ( weird question)
Sure. If you believe in God, you have to believe in ghost.


1. What do you wish exists?
PSTD – Public Space Transport Department.

2. What motivates you?
The concept of starvation in the absence of work.

3. Do you hate Mondays?
Not anymore than I hate all the other days of the week.

4. What seems so mysterious to you?
After life, but I hope it stays a mystery till all my favorite series end.

5. If you were a bird, who would you shit on? (weird question)
Of course it’s Ronald, or was it Donald?


1. What is your most favorite feast throughout a year?
The Ganesha festival we usually celebrate around September. They make all my favorite dishes during that one…yummy

2. What is your favorite sport?
Cricket… I understand the merit of sports, but I find them all boring. I came to like cricket, because it is pretty much the national pass time in India and I couldn’t get away from it. To all you cricket fanatics out there, ‘Bite Me’.

3. Is there any main idea behind your blog`s posts?
Not really. I post whatever catches my eye or takes my fancy.

4. What is your biggest concern about the future?
Will I be able to afford rent, internet, insurance AND food?

5. Would you change anything in your life if you could?
I love everything about my life. I would just change myself. Then it would fit me perfectly 😛


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  10. Living the Life You Love


  1. What is the best thing about life?
  2. Why do you get out of bed every morning?
  3. What are your views on love at first sight?
  4. What do all cultures have in common?
  5. Do you hate bras? (weird question)Men can feel free to answer 😛


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Three Days Three Quotes Challenge 3


Medicine is my lawful wife and literature my mistress; when I get tired of one, I spend the night with the other.

Anton Chekhov once wrote this, in reference to his profession as a physician and his passion for writing. I feel the exact same way.

Here is the entire passage from one of his letters.

“I feel more confident and more satisfied with myself when I reflect that I have two professions and not one. Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress. When I get tired of one I spend the night with the other. Though it’s disorderly, it’s not so dull, and besides neither of them loses anything from my infidelity. If I did not have my medical work I doubt if I could have given my leisure and my spare thoughts to literature. There is no discipline in me.”

Thank you, Arjun Shivaram and Betcha didn’t know! , for nominating me for this challenge. They both have unique blogs, that I find very interesting.

Today’s Nominees:

  1. 200 Saturdays until Paris
  2. Yadadarcyyada
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Three Days Three Quotes Challenge 2


Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.

Being a huge fan of rap and Indian folk music, I’m addicted to a good beat. As far as I was concerned, classical music, especially western classical was just not interesting enough. All that changed with the first notes of Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Thank you, Arjun Shivaram and Betcha didn’t know! , for nominating me for this challenge. They both have unique blogs, that I find very interesting.

Today’s Nominees:

  1. Inner Whispers
  2. Caboosemama
  3. Green Dog Chronicles

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Three Days Three Quotes Challenge 1



The only thing that we know is that we know nothing and that, is the highest flight of human wisdom.

This is a quote from one of my favorite novels, War & Peace. Leo Tolstoy, is the most insightful author I’ve ever read. He ruthlessly deconstructs his characters and their actions. Their souls are laid bare for the reader to love or decry, continually in cycles, until thorough comprehension sets in and we come to know them better than we know ourselves.

Incidentally, the image above, by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky, is apparently the first color photograph taken in Russia.

Thank you, Arjun Shivaram and Betcha didn’t know! , for nominating me for this challenge. They both have unique blogs, that I find very interesting.

This is my 3rd quote challenge, but they give me an opportunity to think of things that left me with strong impressions, so doing these is a lot of fun.

Today’s Nominees:

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  3. The Page Turner

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1.Three quote for three days.
2.Three nominees each day(no repetition).
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