Duty Worn


Winter soldier
Made of steel
Why do you march
Through lonely fields?

Mighty knight
Thy baron’s shield
Why do you swear
The oath to kneel?

Fierce viking
Through tempest’s lull
Why do you steer
Your raven hull?

Son of Mars
In his gory task
How do you keep
your fearless mask?

Timeless trooper
By duty worn
How could you not
Come undone?

Lost in Atlantis

christ-657573_1280 (2).png

Sprawling megapolis
Steely death trap
Great drains clogged
With urban scrap.

Hysteric hordes
Choke her streets.
A cocotte kneels
Praying at Neptune’s feet.

Dark acid clouds
Hangover her skies
As speakers blare
A dirge of doom and demise.

Shining Atlantis
Mired in vice.
Gently drowning
Under rising tides.

Here and Now