Lost in Atlantis

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Sprawling megapolis
Steely death trap
Great drains clogged
With urban scrap.

Hysteric hordes
Choke her streets.
A cocotte kneels
Praying at Neptune’s feet.

Dark acid clouds
Hangover her skies
As speakers blare
A dirge of doom and demise.

Shining Atlantis
Mired in vice.
Gently drowning
Under rising tides.

Here and Now

Fear Mine


I fear action
Success and failure
Treat ’em the same
Then my friend
Who’s to blame.

I fear inspiration
For it might lift 
This lazy haze
That my friend 
Would be a waste.

I fear the inevitable
Cancer like regret
Will come with age
Alas my friend
We never change.

O fear mine
O fear mine 
You fill the recesses of my soul
Paralyzing evil
Feeding this list 
Forever in stasis.

O fear mine
O fear mine
My dear friend
Come walk with me
Hand in hand 
Forever till the end.